Unfolding the Blindfolds – Adding License Keys to Siebel Sample Database

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This is Sekhar, have experience in Siebel CRM for 6 years…
i would like to give SIebel CRM And SIEBEL EAI Online Training and tech support.
if you need any help please contact me @ sekhara2yaragudi@gmail.com

Siebel Sekhar

RAM's Diary

Siebel supplies a sample data base with along with Siebel business applications to play around the application. But this sample only works for a limited period of time. Usually developers set their machine clock to back date to keep working with sample.

Siebel supplies a set of license keys every quarter at oracle website. Once you add these keys to your Siebel database, you would be allowed to work on Siebel with sample data with out changing the system date. You can add license keys to your Siebel sample database by clicking Siebel Tools -> Help -> Technical Support -> License Key -> Add Key

But, Siebel Inactivates the License Key button for Siebel Sample Application.

This trick tells you how add license keys to Siebel Sample Database.

Open Siebel Tools -> Help -> Press the shift key and click on License Key.

Now you can observe the License…

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